About Us

We offer the service of a local small business, with the experience of a corporate IT Department.

About Us

Chris Larsen is a lifelong computer nerd who looks for ways to get other people on to his favorite platforms. For well over 20 years he has been investigating and exploring the world of IT. From component level hardware to the latest in social media and collaborative online applications, he looks for ways to implement and benefit from new technologies.

Building on this passion for networking, he has brought these skills to the real world by organizing multiple trade shows to build real world connections and further industry education. Creating ventures that not only cater to making the best experience possible for the vendors, but also interest and excite the public into wanting to find out more, building the brands of those involved.

His professional training is in computer hardware and software support, building and maintaining computer systems and networks. This has evolved with the industry into creation and maintenance of online applications and websites, positioning him uniquely to support full end to end web app implementations. He uses this knowledge of what makes these platforms work to benefit his clients, and help them to make right decisions about what kind of story they want to tell about their brand. He has taught courses to groups and individuals on many different applications as well as general computer usage for beginners to advanced users.

When not playing in the world of IT, he is spending time with his wife, son, 3 dogs and miniature zoo of birds, reptiles, and arachnids.